Making more space for joy can seem not only difficult but straight up impossible when we are working through trauma.

It can feel wrong to touch into joy during a pandemic when so many are losing their lives and livelihoods.

Or as we face the realities of racism, systemic oppression, and white supremacy both outside and inside of us.

But the truth is, joy actually helps us hold and move through pain more effectively.

Joy expands while pain contracts. As we make space through joy our pain is given more elbowroom to unravel and, eventually, resolve.

It’s like an enormous puffy coat. It doesn’t change the weather, but it does help you navigate it more comfortably.

Joy exercise:
Take a look around you, is there something that brings you joy when you look at it? Go ahead and linger there for a moment, really let it in, the texture, the color, the sound, whatever it is. Notice where and how joy lands in your body. See if you can really let it saturate. And when you’re ready, move on