As I enter my fourth week of offering Somatic Experiencing sessions, I continue to be absolutely floored by the creativity, ingenuity, and brilliance of our bodies as they remember + heal.

During training, our teacher discussed ‘the breast crawl.’ This is when, in some spaces and when safe, immediately after birth the newborn is placed onto the belly or chest of the birth parent and given time to find the parent’s breast and feed on their own.

What is even more interesting, researchers have found, is that babies will often tell the story of their birth as they make this instinctive journey. They may pause to show a delayed point in the birthing process, or turn to express when they were maneuvered into a new position, they may show signs of moving through the birth canal, etc.

What does any of this mean to me, a non-pregnant non-parent? Well, for one, it displays that we come into the world with an intelligence and knowing that has little to do with cognition. But more so, it is a reminder that at a deep, instinctual level, we all desire to tell our story. And the body is no different.

In the same way that we meet with our therapist and share our experiences, SE offers a space where our bodies are free to “speak” their truth. And it is often surprising just how much they know and what they have to say.

Thank you to all those giving me the opportunity to witness and serve this powerful work