Take the step that is in front of you

My anchor phrase as I pivot my work in a new direction and have SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT IT

Social media is a beast, especially when you are branching into a new endeavor. Lots of curated pages with “finished products” that have a clear, concise message and make being new at something feel fraught with the pressure of perfection.

Beginnings are always a throwing spaghetti at the wall phase, you’re putting a bunch of work out there and just seeing what sticks. You likely haven’t found your voice or niche quite yet, which is 100% normal, but can elicit the ever looming imposter monster


“Look at the step that is in front of you, not the entire staircase.” When we are new, looking at the seemingly canyon sized gap between where we want to be and where we are is a sure fire way to freeze up and get stuck doing nothing.

Of course we have a wider vision that we hold, but hold it loosely and maybe blur your eyes a little so that it can change with you. What you think you want might not be the greatness of what is possible for you, so stay open to the vision as it morphs.

And trust that each step refines

Each step carves dimension

Each step clarifies + crystalizes

And brings more of you to the fore and less of others

No matter how small the step, it’s taking you somewhere