Our paradigm is shifting from demanding to understanding

And nowhere is this more pronounced than in how we talk about our bodies. We are coming to know and finally reckon with the detriment of treating our body like a machine

We are learning that you can’t force the body to relax if it’s tense
you can’t force the body to feel safe if it doesn’t
you can’t force the body to trust if it’s resistant

Safety doesn’t come because we tell ourselves we are safe, it happens when the nervous system experiences itself physiologically as safe. That’s why it’s called Somatic Experiencing.

We can’t mind our way into a body state

It might work momentarily, but it wont be lasting and it wont feel viable

When we work somatically to build a relationship with the body, the intention shifts from ‘how can I make my body do this or feel this’ to “how can I support my body to move into these places on its own’

That’s when things start to shift for good

Because we can’t manufacture trust
We can’t manufacture safety
We can’t manufacture ease

The body either feels them or it doesn’t. One way we can begin to really nurture ourselves is by creating the causes and conditions for them to arise naturally

When we will learn to resource rather than force, we support our body’s innate movement toward healing + health