Tuning Into the Wisdom of the Body

A 4-Week Course on
Knowing Your Nervous System

Begins January 14th

Every nervous system has the capacity for action, play, relaxation, and connection

When healthy, we can say our piece or hold a boundary without backing off, collapsing, or attacking. We can rest when needed and have energy when needed. We can give and receive proportionately



Basically, we have flexibility with how we engage with the world

The opposite of flexibility is rigidity and being unable to access choice. When fixed, the nervous system defaults to patterns of protection and limits possibility for change, depth, and growth

To heal our nervous system is to come back into the vitality and flow of life

In this course we will:

  • Safely move attention into the body and explore the channels it speaks through
  • Engage with and have a felt experience of our nervous system through simple somatic practices
  • Understand the nervous system cascade and explore the 4 main responses: fight, flight, fawn, freeze
  • Learn how to track our systems as they move through these various states
  • Become familiar with our response patterns while growing flexibility 
  • Understand activation/deactivation cycles and how to come back to a functional range when triggered
  • Explore how to work with discomfort and tension
  • Develop practices that nurture pleasure and discuss why feeling good is a necessary component of working through trauma and stress

Course Format

  • 4 Weeks from 1/14 – 2/4
  • Sundays at 10am EST
  • 90 minute virtual classes
  • Recordings will be posted, but it is encouraged to attend the live calls when possible
  • Course comes with a downloadable workbook and guided meditations

Week 1 | Home Base

Nervous System Basics + Finding our True Center

Week 2 | Dialing In

Speaking the Language of the Body

Week 3 | Becoming the Alchemist

Locating ourselves and learning how to shift

Week 4 | Rewriting the Script

How we make and break habits

This Course is for you if you:

  • Feel disconnected from or overwhelmed by the experience of being in your body
  • Want to have greater agency over how you respond to life
  • Feel stagnant or hindered in specific areas or overall
  • Are looking to establish a deeper reliability and trust in yourself and your intuition
  • Aim to build upon or begin a trauma-informed spiritual practice
  • Know a lot about your patterns, triggers, and history but still feel unable to fully move forward or change
  • Are ANYONE with a desire to know themselves more fully and embody that knowledge in your life with authority and ease