Spiritual capitalism says Happy Monday!

Better not catch you resting because you aren’t living you’re most authentically aligned life yet!

Be here now by thinking exclusively about how to better yourself!

Now get to work and never stop!

This morning I threw a tantrum after my 830am class.

Like, full blown, crocodile tears, whisper-screaming at the walls so my neighbors don’t think i’m weird, pounding my fists, blubbering like a sleep deprived toddler.

but i’d like to remind you, if you happened to be an overenthusiast like me and subvert genuine feelings with a never ending pressure to respond perfectly to life in every single scenario of every single day, all in the name of AWARENESS…

you don’t have to be fixing yourself all of the time. in fact, please, take a break from “doing the work” to just let yourself be. Be sad, throw a tantrum, lay down and zone out, google meaningless things that aren’t taking you anywhere or teaching you something you can turn into a course later (ahem…are you listening Tiffany??).

Not all of life has to be some forward moving marathon of self-improvement. you can just live, sometimes, or a lot of the time, without worrying about purifying your karmas or healing your traumas or if you are living consciously enough. if you’re that worried about it chances are, you are. it’s fine. just hang out. there’s no cosmic scorecard. there’s no rush. it’s just life. in all your enlightening don’t forget to also live the damn thing.