We are coming down to earth. And we will not arrive in tact – Bayo Akomolafe 

Part of coming down to earth -aka our bodies- is reckoning with what has been there all along but gone overlooked; meeting what is laying wait for recognition in the cracks

This is the great transition, the great returning to the spaces and places where our trauma and therefore our healing reside

Good news for violent systems of oppression that need dismantling -internal + external- but not so good news for the nervous system

The nervous system likes to feel secure, even if that security is soulfully dissatisfying. It doesn’t like to feel a lot of instability and times of transition are by nature destabilizing

They are also necessary for anything to grow. Therein lies the physiological conflict of transition. We are embodying both a wanting things to be secured in the new along with a despair of knowing they have to fall apart first

And what do we do when things fall apart? We clench, we grip, we brace, we hold our ground, we hold our breath, we double down, we try to keep ourselves together by any means necessary

So my suggestion to you is not to let go, but to lay down. Your system will release when you give it time and space to do so, strangling it into submission simply does not work

We are feeling the final dominos in a long train of deeply disorganizing + draining events. Much that we hoped would change has not and much that we hoped would last did not. This is very real, and our bodies hold it all

Please please, give that dear, holy, magnificent, miraculous body some well needed rest