Grief Speak

Grief is a long game without a short cut

It is a commitment to falling apart in holy + maniacal ways

It is a commitment to non-sense

All That Glitters

Trauma work is glamorous. And I mean that literally

Although not in the traditional way that we think about it

One Trick Pony

“A ship in the harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are for”

I had a client last week who felt like she only existed at one speed…intensity

I have been struggling lately to wiggle myself out of one of my main speeds, inertia

Down To Earth

We are coming down to earth. And we will not arrive in tact – Bayo Akomolafe

Spiritual Capitalism

Spiritual capitalism says Happy Monday!

Better not catch you resting because you aren’t living you’re most authentically aligned life yet!

Be here now by thinking exclusively about how to better yourself!

Now get to work and never stop!


I came across a message on instagram that I strongly disagree with

The New Way

Our paradigm is shifting from demanding to understanding

And nowhere is this more pronounced than in how we talk about our bodies. We are coming to know and finally reckon with the detriment of treating our body like a machine.

Capacity Building

I was talking to a friend recently about family dynamics. She was frustrated because she felt like their communication lacked the depth and awareness she was learning to develop through therapy + personal work

At one point, I mentioned ‘You’re trying to have a glass of water with someone who can only really manage a couple of drops’

The Step in Front of You

Take the step that is in front of you.

My anchor phrase as I pivot my work in a new direction and have SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT IT.

The Split Self

There is often a split between what we think we should want (need, feel, etc) and what the body expresses