Someone asked me what kindness was today and this is what I said.

Kindness is not being rushed.

To Know Thyself

Life is a lot, always but especially now. It feels like things are moving so slow + so fast + so mundanely + so chaotically all at once. Which can make parsing out how we actually feel really difficult, and clarity with how to respond wisely nearly impossible.

Unraveling Joy

Making more space for joy can seem not only difficult but straight up impossible when we are working through trauma

The Universe is Made of Stories, Not of Atoms

During Somatic Experiencing training, our teacher discussed ‘the breast crawl.’ This is when, in some spaces and when safe, immediately after birth the newborn is placed onto the belly or chest of the birth parent and given time to find the parent’s breast and feed on their own.

What is even more interesting, researchers have found, is that babies will often tell the story of their birth as they make this instinctive journey.

Why We Can’t ‘Just Let Go’

As a yoga instructor and practicer of pretty much all things “woo woo,” within my sphere phrases like “let go of your limiting beliefs” or “let go of what no longer serves you” have all but broken the internet as we enter into a new year.

It’s not that it’s bad advice, it’s just incomplete.