Trauma work is glamorous. And I mean that literally

Although not in the traditional way that we think about it

Glamour is a feeling state. It is owning whatever room you walk into. It’s refinement. It’s timeless. It’s bold. It’s provocative. It is a force that compels you

Trauma work is owning your life, all the ways you have both struggled + prevailed, all you have knowingly or unknowingly taken on, all you seek to set aside. It is not for the faint at heart. It is dramatic. It is uncompromisingly honest + hopeful

It is reshaping yourself again + again

It is claiming the ultimate say in who you are

It is bigger than life, than your life

It is what came before + what will come after

It is a legacy

It is also mundane

It happens in the day to day, in the small moments. In the speaking when we would rather be silent, in the staying and repairing when it would be easier to withdraw, in saying our tender truths to ears we hope will hold us

It can be exasperating, and, at times, unspeakably painful
But is an effort to take deep pride in rather than shame

It might not feel like a glamorous gig, but it is structuring inside of you something unabashedly authentic, robust, + striking

If, when you read this, today is a hard day, may you remember to lift your chin + chest a little higher and hold that quiet work you do when the world isn’t looking with tremendous honor + love + maybe even a little va va voom